Vaping Kits

Vaping Kits

VIP's unique starter kits help guide you into the world of vaping. Containing everything you need to get started – from the main unit right down to replacement items - our kits provide you with exclusive savings.

Our kits have all that you will need to begin your vaping journey and also ensure perfect compatibility, avoiding performance issues. This is because each kit has been specifically designed by our product experts meaning you not only get great savings, but each kit is made solely to provide you with the best possible vaping experience.

We have two types of kits, Tank Kits and Sub Ohm Kits:

Tank Kits - If you're looking for a fantastic value, premium e-liquid tank model then look no further than the advanced Tank Kits that we have on offer. Our Tank kits are perfect for first time vapers or users looking to upgrade from cartomisers to the next step.

Sub Ohm Kits - These kits are the most advanced of all vaping models in the market. They require a user who already has some knowledge of vaping and a great for those who are looking for the very best experience within the vape world.