Why VIP Electronic Cigarette?

VIP E-Cig image with descriptions

The VIP Electronic Cigarette

VIP's aim was to provide a suitable long-term smoking alternative which could offer the similar sensation and taste of a regular cigarette without the nasty side effects. Extensive research and feedback obtained from cigarette smokers was used to assist in the development of VIP Electronic Cigarette.

The ingenious VIP E-Cig is an alternative designed by smokers to meet the needs of smokers. The device is the most realistic smoking alternative available. Our V-Range Cartomizer electric cigarette model offers a higher volume of vapour and smoother taste compared to other brands.

Is the Electronic cigarette right for you?

Yes if:

  • You are a smoker and you can't quit.
  • You are a smoker and you are not ready to quit.
  • You want the nicotine hit without having to inhale tobacco smoke.
  • You want the taste and experience of a normal cigarette.
  • You want to reduce your smoking costs.
  • You don't want people to suffer from the effects of passive smoking.
  • You don't want to stain your teeth or fingers yellow.
  • You don't want the smell of stale smoke on your clothes or in your home.

No if:

  • You are under 18.
  • You don't smoke.
  • You are not a regular smoker.
  • You are allergic to nicotine.
  • You are allergic to propylene glycol.

If unsure of use consult your doctor