Clearomizers are are all-in-one devices that hold e-liquid and screw on to the battery of an e-cigarette. They have a clear body allowing the user to see the level of e-liquid at all times, enabling them to refill as needed. Unlike cartomizers, they don’t require filler material to soak up the e-liquid, relying instead on a wicking system that feeds just the right amount to the atomizer.

A lot of vapers argue that clearomizers provide a “cleaner vape”, but there are still some who claim cartomizers enhance the e-liquid flavour. This is a matter of personal taste.

Clearomizers feature a metal tube through the middle. When refilling, it’s important that you don’t pour e-liquid into the tube, as it would end up in the battery and could affect the way the e-cigarette performs. To avoid this, hold the clearomizer at an angle when adding the e-liquid.

Disposable and rebuildable clearomizers are available. Rebuildable clearomizers can be taken apart and their parts replaced. Disposables are a convenient option, but rebuildables, although more expensive initially, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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