Create your perfect eliquid mix

Beginners Guide to Mixing Your Own E-liquid Blends at Home

There are many mixology guides and recipes that focus on making e-liquids from scratch by using concentrated nicotine, adding diluents, flavours and then steeping for anything up to 21 days until you end up with something you can vape. We wanted to provide something different, something simple. Our e-liquid mixing guide recommends the use of off the shelf flavours. It’s far easier, faster and safer to mix using readymade VIP e-liquid to create your perfect vape.

How to Mix

  • Select which flavours you wish to mix. See our Quick and Easy E-liquid Recipes below for ideas.
  • Decide on your measurement method: Percent, ml or drops
  • Take a fresh clearomizer and remove the base cap
  • If following our recipes, add the recommended amount of each flavour directly to the clearomizer
  • Screw the base cap back onto the clearomizer
  • Shake the clearomizer for 10 seconds
  • Wait a couple of minutes
  • Your new mix is ready to use

Click here to see our Quick and Easy E-liquid Recipes

Making vs Mixing

Many experienced hobbyists and vaping enthusiasts make their own e-liquids. Trying to produce your own e-liquid from the base ingredients comes with risks.


Do you have your own ISO standard cleanroom? We are guessing not. VIP’s e-liquid is manufactured in ISO certified cleanrooms and produced in accordance with ISO standards. It’s not possible to make e-liquid at home to these standards and you are taking the risk of spoiling or infecting your finished product with general contaminants found around the home. When mixing straight from the bottle you are adding a few drops of various flavours directly into the Clearomizer to use immediately. Nothing needs to be sterilised.


The nicotine in readymade flavours has already been diluted. You can simply select your flavours in 24mg, 16mg, 8mg or even 0mg and mix without the need of further dilution. Most vapers will use a level of nicotine somewhere between 6mg and 24mg. Undiluted nicotine is extremely toxic and is absorbed through the skin. It is potentially harmful/lethal to humans and animals. Storage, handling and usage precautions need to be taken with concentrated nicotine. Concentrated nicotine needs to be correctly diluted before it is safe to vape.


Are your flavours safe? VIP concentrated flavours are supplied by a specialist UK flavouring manufacturer, produced to ISO standards. UKAS laboratories screen for known dangerous compounds. If you were to purchase concentrated flavours for making your own e-liquid you would need to be certain the flavour concentrate is suitable for use in vaping products and is free of harmful compounds such as Acetoin.


Mixing couldn’t be any easier and faster. Add a few drops of one liquid and a few of another and it’s ready to vape in a couple of minutes. When creating your own from fresh concentrates it takes around 7 days for sweet flavours to fully-steep and up to 21 days for more complex tobacco flavours to mature.